Everyone who is new to programming will be labeled as a junior software engineer, but your code can make you don’t seem like a junior one.

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A software engineer is one of the hottest jobs right now. Many people want to jump into the coding world and apply as a software engineer. Not only that, more universities with a technology background is graduating more people that will be seeking a new job as a software engineer. If you are one of them, you might need to read more in this article.

After applying to some companies, eventually, you will get…

Docker is not confusing as you think. Start learning Docker right now before it’s too late and here’s a guide for you.

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Docker is one of many technologies that are so popular right now, and maybe almost all software engineers want to learn about it. You can see the growing number of Docker usage from their website.

Docker itself is an amazing technology that solves some of our problems as a software engineer. In this article, I will try to explain the simplest explanation and guide about Docker.

Why Docker?

“It works on my machine!”

You must have heard that sentence many…

Do you want to make your own mobile application and confused about where to start? Here are some steps for you to learn to develop your very first mobile application with Flutter.

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I am a Backend Guy at Kurio, which means my code isn’t directly seen by end-user. Somehow I got bored about it and want to create my own app so people can directly see my work result.

I have been thinking about what framework and programming language that I need to learn in order to create my own application, precisely a mobile application. To minimize the time I…

You know you can be very productive and also healthy even though you always sit and work in front of a computer.

Keeping the body health as good as possible is the most important asset for ourself. We can have a good salary but it will become useless if we somehow get sick because of the way we work. Some people including us software engineers, still cannot split their time for work and other things that are also important for themself, which in this case is their own health.

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Almost all software engineers do their work in front of a…

Your full charge capacity and battery health degraded too fast? Here are some tips to help you prevent that before it becomes worse

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Your device’s battery is not immortal aka it does have a limited life span. Every time you use your device and then charge, it will lose some of its life. But, many people ask about “how do i keep my battery healthy”, “How do I keep my battery 100% healthy?”, “How to extend the battery life of your Macbook”.

In order to make your battery lifespan last as long as possible before you need to replace it, here are some explanations, software, and behavior that I already did and collect from other sources that will help you achieve that healthy…

Do you want to jump into coding? Then, after you learn about the code you must learn about Git, and here’s a brief story about it.

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Git is created by Linus Torvalds when he is developing the Linux Kernel. It happened when BitKeeper, the previous Linux Community’s version control revoke its free use. At that time, the community also feel that they needed a new version control system. Then Linus went “off” from work for a week to wrote Git. He wrote Git by taking the plus point from BitKeeper and some other improvements.

What is Git?

To make it short, Git is…

Ada banyak Aplikasi Muslim di App Store maupun Playstore, namun manakah yang paling baik?

Di Era modern ini kita selalu terpaku dengan smartphone. Bisa dikatakan hal yang paling banyak kita sentuh dan gunakan adalah smartphone. Namun sebagai Muslim, kita memiliki beberapa kewajiban yang harus dilaksanakan, dan sunnah yang akan lebih baik apabila dilaksanakan. Seharusnya, dengan adanya smartphone, alat tersebut dapat membantu kita menjalankan kewajiban dan sunnah kita sebagai Muslim.

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Smartphone kita sudah sangat canggih, dalam ukuran yang kecil kita sudah bisa melakukan berbagai banyak hal. Begitu juga dengan kegiatan yang sudah diwajibkan bagi kita seorang Muslim.

Kali ini saya ingin…

No more empty results because of slang and local language words

In my workplace, our Application has a feature that can search the data from a search box. It works very well until we check the data that many users got empty results from the search. One of the many reasons for that is they input the slang or different language versions of the word, which we don’t store in our database.

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In my country Indonesia, there are many local languages and slang words. For example Bakso and Baso is having the same meaning, which is Meatball . …

Can the iPad become a machine for daily work? the short answer is YES, but not totally yes.

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We know that iPad is a very powerful machine, especially for designers. But many people still don’t know that iPad can also be very useful for other types of jobs, and for me as a Software Engineer. Ipad turned out become a very good machine for work. For now, not as a primary machine, because I still need a laptop.

iPad is an excellent support machine for work.

To help you guys decided whether using an iPad for working is a good…

It turns out that Dictionary keys are not Object attributes.

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In the past week, I and my colleague are learning to use Python programming language at work and decided to write a simple worker with it. The worker is retrieving data from external API with HTTP request and JSON as the response body, if it got success then the data will be stored in our own data storage.

The problem comes when we need to use the cursor, so we can get the next data from the API. The API response will include a cursor field when there is data after the current request. …

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